When living and sharing an open plan loft apartment, making space for some much-needed alone time can be tricky. Never to turn down a challenge, this family of four have achieved the seemingly impossible by making space for each member of their household to enjoy time on their own, all thanks to the clever use of zones.

A bedroom for busy parents

As the evenings are easily the quietest part of their busy days, the parents have set up their bedroom for recharging, relaxing and the best possible sleep with soft textiles, even softer lighting and block out blinds. For extra privacy, they close a curtain divider across the width of their apartment, separating their space from the rest of their home. Ah, peace at last.

Bedroom storage to cut the clutter

A generous wardrobe for two offers a mix of both open and closed compartments. Storage at the very top is filled with holiday decorations and other seasonal supplies, making the most of the room’s height and a convenient spot for the things they only need occasionally.

The art of open plan living

An open plan apartment can be the ideal launching pad for a family. According to interior designer Annette Ydholm it all comes down to multi-functional zones, smart storage, and creating much-needed privacy.

Making space for two growing teens

For a pair of teenagers sharing a space, there is a rule they both (usually) follow: what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours. Two side-by-side wardrobe units give each of them their own space to store their clothes and personal belongings, but the real privacy maker is the double-layer curtain divider between their beds.
“While it’s important that everyone has their own space, it’s just as important that they have personal space for all their things.”

Annette Ydholm
Interior designer

All fun and games

Close in age, but miles apart in interests, these two brothers have made their halves of the space they share distinctly their own. For the elder of the two, that means gaming and all things online.
“A loft bed makes the most of the space, effectively using the same footprint twice with a sleep zone above and a private lounge below. Double win!”

Annette Ydholm
Interior designer

The other side of the universe

Most happy in the great outdoors or between the pages of a new book, the younger brother has made his zone all about the things he loves most. The writing desk below his loft bed is his undisturbed spot for storytelling, while shelves of different shapes and sizes house his collection of novels and outdoor equipment.

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hanger, white

6,99 / 8 pack

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loft bed frame, 90x200 cm, silver-colour

289 €

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wall shelf, 30x26 cm, white


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cushion cover, 50x50 cm, golden-yellow



chair, ash

79 €


cabinet, 35x25x35 cm, light green

17 €

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rack with 6 knobs, oak



gaming chair, Bomstad grey

129 €


pegboard, 56x56 cm, black

13 €

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wardrobe with 3 doors, 140x42x161 cm, white/Fonnes white

247 €


easy chair, Orrsta olive-green



block-out curtains, 1 pair, 145x300 cm, green



duvet cover and pillowcase, 150x200/50x60 cm, white black/check



bedside table, 37x37 cm, white



mirror, 40x150 cm, walnut effect


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