Your home office doesn’t have to be minimal for you to find focus or feel productive. It can be a hub of creativity, where your personality shines through. And your latest hobbies and passions are on display, sparking joy and motivation.

A desk that moves with you

Work. Knit. Paint. Dine. And be comfortable doing it all. Sit and stand desks enable you to change your position to feel and work better throughout the day.

Boost your mood with music and art

Turn up the playlist. Skip to a podcast. And control your surrounding sounds from the comfort of your desk with SYMFONISK sound remote and picture frame speakers. You can hang the speaker on the wall. And change the front panel so you can pick artwork to suit your décor.

Roll in when you’re ready to work

Trolley storage helps you to keep your desktop a hybrid space. A clutter-free area where work can take place or creative projects can spring to life. Have a trolley for work. And a trolley for play. Stack it with paints, plants or snacks and drinks for after work get-togethers. Roll with the ideas and keep your room a fluid space.

Make it yours

Simple furniture such as a MARIUS stool can be a blank canvas waiting for artistic transformation. Seating that offers functionality and the freedom to add your personality and style.

Let ideas hang out together

Pin up your schedule or reminders. And hang your favourite materials, photos, and motivational quotes to turn a plain pegboard into an inspiring mood board.

Open your own gallery

Why wait until the weekend to get your culture fix? Use IVAR side unit to curate your display – an exhibition of all the art you treasure. You’ll soon feel motivated and inspired every day.