Lithuanian summer comes with a lot of rain. Thus it's a good idea to be prepared. And what's the best way to do it? There are many, but instant cinema is one of the most exciting. Especially if you love cozy evenings.
Let's get started
HUSARÖ side table is perfect for the projector - the handle helps to move it effortlessly according to your needs. And there's some space for snacks and drinks too.
There's first time for everything
Even for using BJÄRSEN shower curtain as your improvised cinema screen. Yes, we mean that, and yes, we've tried it already. Just don't forget BOTAREN shower curtain rod - because you need to hang that curtain somewhere, don't you?
The power of lanterns
Whether you plan to watch a film or not, sun-powered lanterns are steroids for the coziness of your balcony, harnessing sunlight during the day, pleasing the eye and soul during the night.



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IKEA 365+

goblet, 30 cl, clear glass



shower curtain, 180x200 cm, white

2 €