Working from home does have its perks, like the two-minute commute to your desk. But it’s easy to fall into the habit of sitting at your desk for hours. So, it’s essential to make time for breaks that help you move more or that help you relax.

Keep yourself charged

Online meetings and the thought that you must just get this one thing done can stop you from drinking and eating enough. So keep a carafe of water and healthy snacks on your desktop and enjoy feeling energised throughout the day.

Schedule breaks and self-care

Taking a break from your to-do list is beneficial to you and your work — it can do wonders for your productivity. Use an hourglass to create micro-breaks and savour a stretch. Or take a walk. You’ll soon enjoy feeling and working better.

Lift the mood

Listening to music while you work can put you in a positive mindset and help you be more productive and creative. And if you’re missing company, use a Bluetooth speaker to switch from listening to a playlist to a podcast. Or keep your phone charged and nearby so you can stay connected to family and colleagues.

Create a calm corner

Carve out some time during the day for reflection and relaxation. Use cushions and throws to dial up the comfort level. And add a smart blind. Use its remote control to adjust it from your desktop and feel in total control of the mood and moment.


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