This three-room apartment is home to three generations: our hero Natalija, her daughter Aleksandra with her husband Daniel and the little Veronika and Bernardas. Natalija spends most of her time in the living room that hasn't been upgraded for three decades. And neither has the balcony. Over years, it has turned into a pantry and now offers anything but rest. IKEA interior designer Birutė Beniušė decided to bring back colours and joy to these two spaces.
Dark and non-functional interior
At first glance, Natalija's room seems very dark and dusky. It lacks natural light and features a lot of dark furniture and accessories, such as an old piano that hasn't been used for a long time. There also are two heavy patterned rugs (one on the floor and one on the wall) that reduce space and collect dust.

Although the living room is quite roomy, it feels smaller due to the wrong floor plan and non-functional furniture. Natalija uses the room for eating, sleeping, welcoming guests, playing with grandchildren and watching TV, but she lacks the right furniture for all her activities and even clothes.

Natalija has always dreamed about having a cosy corner in her balcony, but never found enough time or money to furnish one. As the interior designer Birutė was unable to even step into the balcony, she realizes that there wasn't really any room for relaxation. Bicycles, children's toys and other seasonal items cover the entire area.
It's time to change
Interior designer Birutė confessed being lucky to have such an inspiring challenge. Right after entering the room, she realized what she needs to do to make this living room (and the balcony!) come to life. As she said, it is enough to re-colour the living room and to replace the old furniture with something more functional.
New colours arrived!
After seeing the new colours of her room, Natalija was left in awe. She couldn't find any words to express the feelings neither in Lithuanian, nor in her native Russian. She saw a bright and cheerful living room full of sunny mood created with bright furniture and accessories. The yellow GURLI cushions provide cosiness, MAJGULL curtains blur the room in the evenings, and the LACK shelves over the sofa-bed are beautifully combined with a coffee table of the same series.
For sleeping, reposing and having fun
Another highlight in the upgraded Natalija's room is the BENNEBOL sofa-bed that provides room for both her guests and her quality sleep. Along with this functional piece of furniture, Birutė also added a new HÄSTFIBLA sateen-woven bedlinen in lyocell/cotton and a LOBBÄK flatwoven rug to make getting out of the bed more pleasant.
New wardrobe to fit all the dresses
To make room for all Natalija's clothes, Birutė planned the modular PLATSA solution with three doors and a mirror. You can also use the PLATSA planner to create a wardrobe of your dreams. Decide the size and shape of your wardrobe yourself, regarding your budget or needs.
TV storage under and over it
Our interior designer decided to leave the TV in the same place where it used to be - in front of the sofa. She only replaced the old dark cabinets with new BESTÅ cabinet combination in white (merging with white colour of the walls). You can also try the BESTÅ planner to design any combination you need.
Balcony for storage and something more
At last, Natalija has her balcony for her own. The new HYLLIS shelving unit provides enough storage space for all family's stuff, so the rest of this room can be dedicated to a cosy oasis with RUNNEN floor decking and TÄRNÖ outdoor furniture.
The inside garden
Natalija loves gardening, so now she will be able to do it right here, on her balcony. The wooden ÄPPLARÖ wall panel with hooks and shelves is perfect to store small gardening tools, gloves, flower pots, watering cans or anything else she might need.
Where the sun shines forever
The SOLVINDEN solar-powered pendant lamps are here to save energy and reduce environmental impact. They create sunny mood on the balcony not only during warm summer evenings, but also long after the holiday season or even on cloudy days.


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shelving unit, 60x27x140 cm, in/outdoor

19 €


TV bench, 120x40x38 cm, white

60 €

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standard hinge

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basket, 25 cm, seagrass


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wall shelf, 110x26 cm, white stained oak effect



room darkening curtains, 1 pair, 145x300 cm, yellow


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cushion cover, 50x50 cm, golden-yellow



sheer curtains, 1 pair, 145x300 cm, white



coffee table, 90x55 cm, white stained oak effect


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floor decking, outdoor, 0.81 m², brown stained

24 € / 9 pack

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table, outdoor, 55x54 cm, black/light brown stained

25 €


chair, outdoor, foldable black/light brown stained

17 €