Although we usually invite guests to the living room, this time let us welcome you to the garage. Meet another team of our TV project "HOME IDEA with IKEA": our hero Stasys who spends a lot of time in his garage, and IKEA interior designer Mantvydas Breivė who has been also invited for a short stay there.
Angler's garage not only for rods
Owner of this garage calls fishing not only a hobby but also his business. Despite this fact, most of the garage space is dedicated to anything but rods. Stasys's fishing gear hides somewhere in the clutter of son's car parts, different crafting tools and garden appliances.
Many items don't have a predefined location. After using, they are usually returned to anywhere they fit. As there are almost none storage solutions, all items are stored on the ground, on the wall-mounted shelf or on the handmade rack with some hooks. Tired of the clutter and the ever-narrowing passage, Stasys and his wife decided it is time to change.
It's time to change
After Mantvydas first saw the garage, his suggestion was to reconsider every item in this room: are they all necessary? Saying goodbye to old items that are no longer in use means more storage space left for the frequently used ones.

„If you want to declutter your garage, pantry or other storage space
and make it more functional, pay attention on different storage
solutions. It's so much easier to find the item you need, when
all of them are sorted and have predefined locations.“

Mantvydas Breivė, IKEA interior designer
Where has all the stuff gone?
In very truth, only a few of the items are gone, while others hide on shelves and inside the boxes. The upgraded garage now has different storage solutions for different tools and appliances. Mantvydas painted walls in contrast colours to prove that garage can be a neat, unique and aesthetic room of your home, too.
Every thing in the right place
New HEJNE shelving units made of soft wood are here to hold heavier items. Untreated solid wood can be oiled, waxed or painted to make it even more durable. Besides, this combination can be easily expanded by adding on sections and shelves. To make all items easy to reach and avoid lifting heavy boxes, Mantvydas placed heavier tools and on the lower shelves and the most frequently used ones - on the shelves at eye level. On the top shelves, there are some PAPPIS boxes with lids for smaller items, and the rest of the shelves are filled with SAMLA boxes. As they are made of transparent plastic, you can quickly and easily find what you need. The lid protects the contents and makes boxes stackable.
Kitchen in the garage
When you spend many hours in the garage, sometimes you don't even have time to go home for washing your hands or having lunch. The practical and functional SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen is fast and easy to assemble and take apart if needed. Rails with hooks can be used to hang a towel, a trolley gives extra storage for different tools (or even cutlery), and there is enough space for SORTERA waste sorting bins under the easy-to-keep-clean sink.
For not so beautiful items
When planning a garage space, it is important to keep in mind that some items can be a bit smutty. HYLLIS shelving units made of galvanized steel are durable and easy to keep clean. They also have plastic covers that are easy to put on and remove. The covers protect things from dust and help hide the clutter.
Let there be light
The garage, just like other rooms, requires suitable lighting. As Stasys's garage get little natural daylight, Mantvydas decided to install some TERTIAL work lamps over the shelving units. It is now easy to direct the light where Stasys wants it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable.
From rods to fish
Once the garage was cleaned up, there finally emerged some storage space for Stasys's fishing gear. With the fridge left by the wall, our designer suggested hanging up the rods on BJÄRNUM folding hooks. They are simple to fold up when not in use. The BEKVÄM stepladder (also hanging on the wall) makes it easy to reach the rods from above. There also is SKÅDIS pegboard combination with hooks and shelves for small fishing supplies such as hooks, reels and baits.


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water trap/strainer 1 bowl

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shelving unit, 60x27x140 cm, in/outdoor

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mini-kitchen, 112x56x139 cm

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waste sorting bin with lid, 37 l, white


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pegboard, 76x56 cm, white

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insert for box 11/22 l, 37x25x12 cm, transparent

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1 section, 78x50x171 cm, softwood

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pegboard, 36x56 cm, white

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1 section, 78x31x171 cm, softwood

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work lamp, dark grey


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single-lever kitchen mixer tap, chrome-plated

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cover, 60x27x140 cm, transparent in/outdoor

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