Have a look at the makeover of a basement room that was once a garage, then a library and has now been designated a hobby and music room. With bold walls, dark furniture and harmonious look, this space is now as full of emotions as a great musical performance!

Before the makeover

Even though there's a whole room dedicated to hobby, the available shelves barely contain the multitude of books and other things that have to find place in this room. A sore point is lack of free room to ensure easy access to musical instruments, as the owner of this place has always had music as an integral part of his life. He values functionality and would like to see some good storage solutions, but the dominant note should be one of a music studio.

Finding space

With thorough planning, our interior designers have managed to find more space in this room than it would seem possible. They used the full potential of walls by choosing tall bookcases that reach almost to the ceiling. An ergonomic and adjustable desk forms the basis of a workspace solution and is placed in a way that the most of daylight hours can be made. The musical feel of the room is enhanced by wall decorations: big posters that inevitably attract the eye.

Think storage. Think variety

As in most rooms, the biggest challenge here is to find the right place for everything. There are two basic approaches to storage. One is the minimal style storage where most things are stored behind closed doors for a sleek and united look. The other way is to showcase everything. Our interior designers have chosen to go somewhere in between. Dark shelves create a harmonising background and smaller things can be hidden in boxes so to not to add to clutter. However, there is still place for showing all the things that are loved and cherished.

No hard work without resting

To make the moments of rest even more relaxing, the space dedicated to resting can be the place where you forget about all the functionality requirements that have to be observed in working space and just follow your heart. Dare to be bold, choose bright colours and daring solutions. Here, similar style armchair in a happy canary yellow and a sofa in warm grey complement each other and stand in great contrast to other interior elements, inviting to lounge and relax.

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wing chair, Skiftebo yellow

209 €

More options available


bookcase, 80x28x202 cm, black-brown

85 €

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room darkening curtains, 1 pair, 140x300 cm, dark grey


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3-way socket, 1.5 m, earthed/white

6 € / 2 pack


door, 40x97 cm, black-brown

25 €

More options available


frame, 21x30 cm, aluminium



extension cord, 5 m, earthed white

6 €


bookcase with glass-doors, 80x30x202 cm, grey/metallic effect

179 €


shelf, 80x30 cm, brown-black


More options available


basket, 30x36x25 cm, dark grey



standing support, beige/Vissle dark grey


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box, 24x17 cm, black


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