We just love to renovate the premises of our stores. Therefore, you will always find something new to see in our Showroom. One of the newly set interiors is this bedroom meant for a young couple. Take a virtual tour in the room or visit us in the store! We have many other great news in the Showroom to share.
What makes a house a home?
For us, it's people who live in. This is why all IKEA Showroom interiors are “inhabited” by people. We create characters and personalities with whom you can identify yourself. For instance, this bedroom is furnished for a young minimalist couple. She is a make-up artist and he's a programmer. Both love enjoying spa rituals in their own bathroom and exercising. When they cannot go to the gym, they do sports at home. 

The style of the couple’s bedroom is based on their hobbies and personalities. We wanted to create the mood of a cosy spa hotel room, so we combined the luxurious velvet bed frame with marble patterns in the bathroom, glossy surfaces and natural earthy tones.
Brightest stars in the bedroom
TUFJORD bed is one of the highlights in this bedroom. Its curved headboard is great for cosy, cocooning moments, helping to unwind and relax. No less important role is played by a minimalist design wardrobe. Both in the couple consider themselves as aesthetes, so they like to keep their things tidy and closed. The spacious PAX wardrobe with sliding doors and integrated lighting is a great place to hide things they don't want to show off.
For both active and passive leisure
The girl loves reading books and fashion magazines, so we gave her an extremely comfortable GISTAD recliner combined with a LUSTIGKURRE magazine stand and a floor lamp that allows reading at any time of the day. Her second half also likes spending some passive leisure time here. When they have spare time, both indulge in active sports. Their favourite spot for exercising is an empty floor at the bathroom door, where they have enough space for a huge mirror, a step platform, jump ropes and weights.

“To maintain a unified style in the interior, the dark green colour from the bedroom repeats in the bathroom as well. In addition, both rooms are covered with the same flooring.”

Toma Laucienė, IKEA interior designer
Feels like a spa or beauty centre
What makes this bathroom look so neat and tidy? No, it's not because there is little stuff. Even the opposite. Yet all the items have their own dedicated place: from towel hooks to roomy cabinets for bathroom textiles and toiletries. With everything neatly arranged, this tiny bathroom even has room for a dressing table. A great place to enjoy learning the secrets of make-up in front of a well-lit mirror.
The Whole Life at Home
We believe that home is the most important place in the world. This is why every year IKEA conducts a global research called “Life at home”. This year, we have focused on exploring the impact of the global pandemic on our relationship with home now and in the years to come.


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78x196 cm

99 €


countertop wash-basin

15x Ø40 cm white

100 €


wash-basin mixer tap, tall

28 cm

79 €

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cushion cover

50x50 cm dark green


More options available


soap dispenser

13.6 cm



wall lamp, wired-in installation

Ø9 cm black



pendant lamp

29x Ø38 cm black


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pendant lamp, 3-armed

55x Ø55 cm opal white



side table

56x Ø50 cm white stained


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upholstered bed frame

160x200 cm dark green

449 €



60x120 cm black


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66x84x96 cm black

199 €

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18x Ø11 cm grey



alarm clock

Ø11 cm silver-colour