Your small home can look fabulous without compromising on the ever important storage. This welcoming kitchen uses the walls in an optimal way, from the high wall cabinets with perfectly organised insides, to unexpected storage above and around the window. Hide the clutter, create more space, and get cooking.

Clever products to create more pantry space

Who says small can’t be elegant? This kitchen uses the height of the room optimally, creating lots of practical and well-planned storage behind matte white fronts with soft lines and an inset panel. Shelf inserts keep your things neatly organised on the inside and protect them from wear and tear.

Get organised with added shelf storage


clip-on multi-purpose rack



clip-on basket, 22x26x19 cm

4 €

More options available


shelf insert, 32x28x16 cm, white

7 €

More options available


clip-on basket, 36x26x14 cm

5 €

More options available


Accessories on display for effortless cooking

Declutter your worktop and give yourself the space to develop your culinary capabilities. A rail on the wall adds a warm feeling to your kitchen’s traditional look and puts your most frequently used utensils close at hand. If you need some extra workspace, just use the pull-out shelf in the top drawer.

Storage where one least expects it

When space is tight, it pays to look for slightly untraditional solutions. In this kitchen, the pots and pans double as a curtain above the window. You can hang things on hooks, put food containers on a shelf and fill a flexible trolley with the rest of your stuff. The fridge/freezer is just around the corner.

Elegant in all its simplicity

Turn your tiny space into a timeless kitchen where it’s a pleasure to cook. The key to this elegant and highly functional kitchen is how the matte white fronts combine with the clever – and maybe a bit unusual – storage. While using every nook and cranny, it keeps its traditional look and modern simplicity.

Everything in place, from cutlery to waste

Achieving a clutter-free home is easier than you’d think. A good tip is to start with your kitchen drawers and cabinets. These interior organisers keep everything from your utensils to waste perfectly organised. And the drawer dividers even match the style of the kitchen fronts.

Build the kitchen of your dreams

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone has their own idea of the ideal kitchen. That’s what makes the METOD kitchen system so practical. The cabinets come in many sizes so you can combine them to fit your needs perfectly.


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