Have a look around the room that our interior designer Anželika has furnished for a girl who dreams of one day becoming an actress or a dancer, or a famous chef, or... No need to decide just yet, because her room serves for everything: a theatre stage, a restaurant kitchen and a colourful haven for dreams.

If you are curious to take a closer look at this room, visit IKEA Vilnius and head to the Showroom on the 2nd floor.

Just the right size of bed

Every child needs a cosy place to sleep which is just the right size in order to feel safe. When a baby moves out of their cot, an extendable bed is perfect. SUNDVIK grows with a child, so they always have a bed that fits their size.
“The children‘s room has to provide enough space for play and education. A small SUNDVIK table is just the right size for puzzles, drawing or reading a book.”

Anželika Rutkevičienė, IKEA interior designer

Ready to take the stage!

The little star loves changing costumes and turning into different characters. Thus, a roomy wardrobe is a must – or why not two of them? Like the rest of the furniture in this room, both wardrobes come from the SUNDVIK series. They are child-sized but deep enough for large hangers, so they‘ll serve for many years, even when the little girl grows up and takes the big stage. To accommodate even more of seasonal outfits, costumes or accessories, a row of BLÄDDRARE boxes is placed on top of the wardrobes.

A bookshelf or a clothes rack?

A wooden FLISAT wall shelf can actually serve for both. By simply fixing it to the wall you‘ll have extra space in the children‘s room for books or framed pictures and a robust rail for hanging up the next day‘s clothes.

Tiny kitchen, great imagination

In DUKTIG play kitchen, a child can cook and bake just like the great chefs on TV. There’s a tap, a sink and a battery-operated hob that lights up when the pretend cooking zones are on. There is a rail with hooks for practical kitchen utensils and plenty of storage space in TROFAST boxes that help keep everything organised when playtime is over.

A room within a room

In the girl‘s bedroom there‘s another bedroom as well. On top of the chest of drawers, Anželika has furnished a little room for dolls with HUSET miniatures of IKEA furniture classics.