Meet Jurgita, Andrius and their newborn Rokas who has already got his own room. IKEA interior designer Birutė Beniušė has assisted the young family in furnishing the future room for their little one, who will live there when he turns 3 years old.
Challenge accepted
The room that parents have dedicated to Rokas has a regular rectangular shape. Real treat for an interior designer! Yet Birutė has still met some challenges. She had to find space for different activities in one room, including playing, storage and sleeping. Plus, Jurgita and Andrius wanted to have a versatile room that would suit Rokas from infancy to adolescence.
More room for play...
The side of the room that is now dedicated for playing features white walls for more light and is decorated with playful maritime motifs. Here, Birutė has placed a little MAMMUT table with chairs. She has also added some colourful paper flags and a wall decoration shaped as a ship with a chalkboard and three LED sensor lamps. The latter are just perfect for those early morning sneak outs, as they illuminate the path to mom and dad.
...and the sweetest of dreams
The other side of the room is intentionally painted blue. The darker corner is meant for sleeping. Together with lighting clouds and the moon above the bed, the sleepy corner offers a cosy, calming atmosphere. Since Rokas is about to spend many years in this room, Birutė has chosen BUSUNGE extendable bed (138-208cm) that can be pulled out as the child grows. The bed is suitable for children from 3 to 7 years and is safe to sleep in because all corners are rounded.
Single window, triple solution
The only window is overshadowed by the trees growing outside, so the room pretty dark. At night, on the other hand, it is filled with bright light from the street, which interferes with the sleep. To solve the situation, Birutė has offered a simple solution of three-layered curtains: the ultra-thin sheer curtains let the daylight through but hide the radiator, the medium-density curtains allow darkening the room by days, and the block-out curtains block light from shining through by nights.
Cleaning mess is child's play!
A playful and sturdy TROFAST storage series is great for storing and organising toys, books or drawing supplies. They can be complemented with boxes or shelves in different colours and sizes, placed on the floor or installed on the wall. Low storage makes it easier for children to reach and organise their things.
To maximise the storage space for Rokas' clothes and other items, Birutė has planned the STUVA children's storage combination along one of the walls. It is easy to transform according to needs and the shape of the room, and offers plenty off different colours to choose from. The included colourful stickers let you label drawers and cabinets or write with chalk to keep track of where you have your things.

“When planning a room for your child, strive to make it safe and comfortable for the little one, not for yourself. Choose furniture that is easy to access without help of parents and put the most interesting details on the child's eye level.”

Birutė Beniušė, IKEA interior designer


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extendable bed, 80x200 cm, white

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children's chair, in/outdoor/white

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soft toy, white/black



frame, 21x30 cm, white


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soft toy, panda



children's chair, in/outdoor/red

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children's table, 85 cm, in/outdoor blue


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box with lid, 42x30x23 cm, white

8 €


LED lighting, white/battery-operated

6,99 / 1 pack


soft toy, 100 cm, shark



LED wall lamp, white


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wall storage, 93x21x30 cm, light white stained pine/white

64 €

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cushion, 40x101 cm, red



bed pocket, 75x27 cm, blue



rocking-moose, red/rubberwood