Meet the fifth and the largest team of our TV project called "HOME IDEA with IKEA". Let us introduce you to Rūta and Marius, their five children, a puppy Snaigė and our interior designer Vaiva Klezienė who took a challenge to upgrade the room of three family's tots.
One room, three kids and lots of stuff
16 square meters make room for three, where 9-year-old Ugnė, 7-year-old Ieva and 5-year-old Julius sleep, play and store their things. Two older brothers Rokas and Lukas now live in former parental bedroom. Ugnė who already goes to school has a desk made of old dining table, but she lacks drawers for textbooks and notes and has no comfortable chair. Soon, Ieva will also need a place to do her homework, so a new workspot solution would be more than nice to have.

Little sisters Ugnė and Ieva each have a separate wardrobe for clothes, and Julius's clothes are stored in a chest of drawers in the hallway. Although there are several cabinets and chests of drawers in the room, many small things and toys are displayed on open shelves. The family confessed being lost in their clutter and having no idea on how to bring everything to order. It would be much easier and even funnier if all the things had their own places.

Children's beds are placed in the corner of the room, right against the door. Ieva and Ugnė share a loft bed, and Julius recently sleeps on a matress on the floor, since his bed has broken. Children have also complained about the light shining through the glass door and interrupting their sleep. When we asked kids what is the most important thing in their room they would like to keep, all have named the TV, as they like watching animation before bed.
It's time to change
How to make three beds fit in one small space? What storage solution would be the best? Is it possible to find room for a bigger desk? These are only a few of many questions the parents asked our interior designer. After having found out all needs and activities of the family, Vaiva has immediatly got into work. Her challenge is to make one room for everything: studying, playing, sleeping and storage.
Pink and blue, black and white
As the family refused having bright colours in the room, Vaiva has suggested the traditional childish colour combination: Ieva likes pink, Julius agreed on light blue, and Ugnė asked for black. To avoid the too sweet expression, Vaiva decided to paint walls in grey and add some contrast with white furniture.
A roomy wardrobe for each child
After having changed the floor plan, the children's room got enough room for three wardrobes - or the STUVA storage system, to be exact. There are lots of options for size, door colour and interior fittings and it’s easy to adapt the system to your budget or needs. As kids grow older, you can add more frames and make the combination higher. The STUVA storage system is at the right height for kids. So they find it easier to get dressed or get at their toys. Vaiva planned three wardrobes in different colours to make Ieva, Ugnė and Julius find their own items even easier. And for now, the upper part of the wardrobes is replaced by three letter-marked storage boxes.
Ieva's beauty salon
Although Ieva is only 7 years old, she already owns an impressive collection of nail polish bottles, lip glosses and other accessories. She likes to dress up, so a mirror with storage for all her beauty items is a must. To make little Ieva happy, Vaiva set up a mini beauty salon with high NISSEDAL mirror (provided with safety film) and SKÅDIS pegboard with hooks, shelves and containers. To bring more light to the darker corner and make it cosier, Vaiva also added a pink SMILA BLOMMA wall lamp.
Julius's playground
Julius now has not only a new bed, but also a whole area by the light-blue-painted wall with a silhouette of a house roof. This little boy's world includes many necessary items: a KRITTER bed frame and bedlinen with robots made of sustainable cotton, two FLYTTBAR storage boxes that remind of suitcases, TROFAST storage combination with boxes for drawing accessories and other small items, and a KRUX LED wall lamp that looks like a puppy. Picture frames and KLÄTTA decoration stickers on the wall are also here to create the mood.
More space and safety at children's room
After the old unused furniture has been taken out, there is enough space left in a middle of the room for playing, dancing and other activities. Our interior designer decided to keep only two items from the old interior: the TUFFING loft bed frame and the TV. All three children's beds are now oriented to the screen (watching animation while lying in bed is now more comfortable). All new textiles, furniture and decorations are certified and safe for children.
Where good mood never ends
To make this room cosy and unique, Vaiva chose a specific colour palette and added some decorations. She cut some flags out of MÅLA paper and decorated the wall over sisters' bed, then hung FISKBO frames for pictures and drawings, and marked the area of every child with KLÄTTA decoration stickers. To bring more light to the room, Vaiva added some playful and safe LED lamps and replaced the old dull bedlinen with new VÄNSKAPLIG and LATTJO quilt covers and pillowcases. After all, the children's room must be playful and charming - just like its inhabitants!
A desk for two
Our interior designer planned the twin workspots for Ugnė and Ieva. Two compact MICKE desks and a drawer unit on castors build a space-saving solution for this not so big room. Although the desks are quite small, every one of them has a deep drawer and it’s easy to hide cables of computers or table lamps with the cable outlet at the back (there are two FUBBLA table lamps for both girls). In front of the desks, there are two ÖRFJÄLL children's desk chairs that will serve for many years as they are adjustable in height.
Storage that encourages play
In a corner next to the desks, Vaiva placed a TROFAST storage combination. The colourful boxes are perfect to store toys, books and other small items. They help hide the clutter in no time and are here to encourage more play. You can also choose frames and boxes in different colours and sizes to build a TROFAST combination you need.


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desk, 73x50 cm, white

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step stool, white

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frame, 21x30 cm, black


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LED wall lamp, white

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pegboard, 36x56 cm, white

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drawer unit on castors, 35x75 cm, white

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