A bright personality needs a bright home. And we believe that splashes of colourful life are best seen on a calm and clear background. How to make a black-and-white kitchen bright? Take a look at this impressive Mexican-style makeover and get inspired.

Before the makeover

The old kitchen was a colourful mix of compromises: even though all possible colours were there, the overall impression lacked that "special something" that we all wish our interior had. Every nook and cranny in the small kitchen was filled with inspirational items. Even so, it was quite clear that this space needed some fresh ideas to make it even more cosy and inspiring. Not to even mention the old-school breakfast corner that has lost most of its charm over the years and was in dire need of replacement.

Functional is beautiful!

Even if there is beauty to be found in purely decorative objets d'art with the sole function of pleasing the eye, kitchen is the one room in every home that requires highly functional approach as it has to be not only beautiful but also comfortable and ergonomic. Here, our interior designer has chosen to display both decorative items and functional food storage solutions that create a possibility to mix and match even later to create new, surprising colour combinations in joyous contrast to the black-and-white background.

New life of the breakfast corner

When planning the dining area in the kitchen, it is important to consider your everyday needs.This kitchen is mostly used by just two persons, so there is no need for a big table and many chairs. However, there are guests or children from time to time, so there has to be some flexibility to accommodate more people. Our interior designer has taken this into account and chosen an extendable table that easily seats 2 to 4 people and some extra chairs that can be hung on the wall when not in use.

A kitchen with a personality

In colourful contrast to the black-and-white kitchen solution is the decorative green wall that acts as an eye-catcher and creates a perfect harmony with the decorative objects that are hung on a rail and can be exchanged at will. The spectacular display of watercolour-like handmade fabric in curtains and tablecloth is a practical way to "use" art in interior.

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chair, brown-black

59 €

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jar with lid, 1 l, clear glass


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jar with lid, 0.5 l, clear glass


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jar with lid, 1.8 l, clear glass


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watering can, 0.9 l, ivory/gold-colour



frame, 21x30 cm, black


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glass, 35 cl, pink


Regular price 1,29

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shelf, 59x20 cm, white

4 €


work/wall lamp, black



16-piece cutlery set, pink


Regular price 8,49

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drawer front, 60x40 cm, white

22 €

More options available


bracket, 18x22 cm, black

5 €

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drop-leaf table, 74/104x74 cm, black

129 €

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door, 60x80 cm, white

39 €

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