Step into a communal kitchen that does it all. Filled with laughter, flavours and personal touches, it’s still a practical, hard-working space with all the equipment and room needed to get the dinner party started.

Making space for everyone

Conflicting timetables and dietary requirements can often make a communal kitchen a difficult space to manage. Not here! A cooking roster means everyone plays an equal part and designated drawers and shelves give each housemate a section to fill with their own treats.

Chop, sizzle and spice

Is there anything quite as lovely as arriving home after a long day to something delicious bubbling or baking away in the kitchen? Home to three keen cooks, this kitchen is used to its full potential and coming from such different parts of the world, there is always a new set of flavours to be discovered in their spice rack.

Down to the very last fork

While hooks, rails and freshly cut flowers make for a relaxed, loved and lived-in look, every item has a designated home. Drawer organisers give crockery and cutlery a permanent address, kitchen trolleys get wheeled around, and clear glass storage containers mean leftovers are always packed away and nothing gets forgotten at the back of the fridge.
“In a smaller space, something as simple as an UTRUSTA pull-out work surface can change the game. There when you need it, hidden away when you don’t.”

Hans Blomquist
Interior designer

Mix it all together

In this home, the kitchen flows seamlessly into the dining area, making for an open, social space. So, no matter whose turn it is to be on kitchen duty, they can still be part of the early evening fun while simultaneously cooking up a feast.

Season with pinches of personality

Living with others is about so much more than a physical space: it means sharing parts of yourself, your history and the things that bring you joy. Here, they’ve intermingled their tastes and belongings for all to see that this is not just a shared apartment – this is very much a home.

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chair, blue

69 €

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jar with lid, 1.9 l, clear glass


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hook, 7 cm, black

4 € / 5 pack

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kitchen mixer tap, brass-colour

79 €

Energy efficiency class
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rail, 80 cm, black

7 €

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cutlery caddy, 12x12 cm, anthracite

Old Price 7 €

6 €

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vase, 10 cm, black



pull-out work surface

35 €


cutlery tray, 52x50 cm, light bamboo

Old Price 30 €

20 €

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bowl, 14 cm, grey

12,99 / 4 pack

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place mat, 37 cm, seagrass/black



carafe with stopper, 0.9 l, clear glass/patterned



wine glass, 27 cl, clear glass/patterned

12,99 / 4 pack


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