Little Kotryna with her parents Alginta and Dainius used to be the three owners of their three-room apartment. Yet with the birth of Vakarė, their family became bigger and their home had to experience some changes. The parents wanted Kotryna to move into a separate room with enough space for growing and playing, so that one day both sisters could live together. IKEA interior designer Ilona Mozgo took the task of setting up the girls' room in the former parents' bedroom.
Before the makeover, all family members used to sleep together in the parents' bedroom. Thus, baby cots occupied both sides of Dainius and Alginta’s bed. Due to poorly chosen furniture, there was no place for cots in the children's room. It used to serve as a storage room: toys and other baby items were kept on the windowsill, on the floor and on top of each other, not to mention the clothes placed on the chest of drawers that was too small to fit all the items inside.
...and after
For now, Kotryna is the only princess in this room, but when Vakarė grows up, the sisters will live together. Therefore, Ilona arranged the room in the manner that let the room change and grow with the girls. The interior designer divided the space into separate areas for sleeping, resting, playing, storing clothes and toys, and selected the appropriate furniture for each of them.

“I wanted to create a cosy space for Kotryna to enjoy spending her time in. I chose the girl's favourite pink for the walls, therefore all furniture is white. Choosing furniture in neutral colour means they can be later adjusted to any interior and will never be outgrown.”

Ilona Mozgo, IKEA interior designer
Let's declutter
There are now two wardrobes in the room - one for Kotryna's clothes and one for toys. Ilona built a STUVA children's storage system near the bed so that the girl could reach her clothes with ease, after getting up and before going to bed. There is enough space for both sisters' clothes inside the wardrobe, and the storage boxes placed on top of it can be used for seasonal items.

To make the tidying up easier, interior designer put Kotryna's toys in playful FLYTTBAR boxes. They help hide clutter and fit neatly under the bed.
Find place for everything
The new wardrobe with many drawers is far more convenient than shelves. The drawers in various sizes help sort different items, such as toys, drawing tools and bed linens, while rails with hangers, wire baskets and storage boxes are perfect for clothes. The ANGELÄGEN boxes help organise socks, accessories and other small items, and if the box gets dirty, you can wash it by hand.
Two in one
When choosing furniture for Kotryna's room, Ilona focused on their functionality. The SUNDVIK children's desk takes up little space yet is very useful for drawing, studying, reading and doing hobbies. It has storage space under the lift-up top with a large compartment for books and papers, and the smaller one for pencils and pens. The desk is save for children, as the adjustable lid stay prevents it from accidentally dropping.
Behind the curtain
In this room, the interior designer made every centimeter count. She mounted some shelves near the window to exploit the empty wall and placed there Kotryna's dolls. When the playtime is over, the girl can put the dolls back and hide them behind the GUNRID curtain. The fabric of the curtain is treated with a mineral-based, coating. It reacts to natural light and breaks down indoor air pollutants.
New indoor playground
In front of the window, on the pink SÅNGLÄRKA rug, Ilona set up an indoor playground. Besides the previously mentioned SUNDVIK desk, there is a SPISIG play kitchen with curtains that lets play from two directions – on one side a complete kitchen and on the other a blackboard to write the dish of the day or this evening’s puppet show. And in between there’s a window with curtains, or why not a theatre drape.
For family leisure
Alginta and Dainius requested for some family space in the girls' room. Therefore, Ilona placed two KUNGSHAMN seat modules by the window where they can read, watch TV and spend time together.

“When planning a furniture layout for children's room, always think about how it will look after a few years. When Vakarė moves into the room, Kotryna's bed can be replaced with a bunk, and when the girl starts the school, her new desk can be put in place of the playground.”

Ilona Mozgo, IKEA interior designer


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picture ledge

12x115 cm white


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children's desk

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picture ledge

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