Product recalls

2019 03 12

IKEA dėl netiksliai pažymėto pieno alergeno iš rinkos
atšaukia zefyrus SÖTSAK SKUMTOPP


IKEA atšaukia iš rinkos zefyrus SÖTSAK SKUMTOPP (180 g) dėl netikslumo produktų alergenų žymėjime. Nors ant pakuotės buvo deklaruota zefyrų sudedamoji dalis išrūgų milteliai, tačiau atskirai nenurodžius pieno kaip alergeno, nutarta zefyrus, kurių galiojimo laikas iki 2019 03 12 ir 2019 04 18 atšaukti iš prekybos. Klientai, kurie yra alergiški pienui ar jo produktams, yra kviečiami grąžinti zefyrus į parduotuvę IKEA ir atgauti sumokėtus pinigus. Atsiimant pinigus, prekės įsigijimo čekis nėra reikalingas. 
Mes skiriame ypatingą dėmesį produktų saugumui, todėl buvo nutarta visas produkto partijas, kurių pakuotės nėra tinkamai sužymėtos, atšaukti iš rinkos. Produktas yra kokybiškas ir saugus naudoti, tiems, kurie nėra alergiški pienui ar jo produktams. Tam, kad klientai alergiški pieno produktams būtų tinkamai informuoti, visos produkto pakuotės, pažymėtos netiksliai yra atšaukiamos. Atsiprašome už sukeltus nepatogumus.
2018 11 27

IKEA recalls part of tables GLIVARP from the market 

IKEA recalls part of tables GLIVARP from the market and kindly asks customers who have purchased the said table to bring it back to IKEA store in Riga where they will receive a full refund or exchange the table for another table of their choice. The item can be returned without a receipt. 
The recall affects only white GLIVARP matt glass tables purchased since February 2017. IKEA has received complaints regarding the risk of falling of the movable parts of the table. Product safety is a top priority at IKEA – all our goods are tested and shall comply with manufacturing standards and legislation. Following the complaints of the customers, global recall of GLIVARP tables was issued as a precautionary measure.
2018 09 26

IKEA is recalling a batch of CALYPSO ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamp CALYPSO

IKEA recalls from the market a batch of CALYPSO ceiling lamps, which consumers could have bought since 1st of August, 2016. Customers, who bought the lamps from the recalled batch marked by numbers from 1625 to 1744, are urged to bring the lamps to IKEA store for a full refund or a new CALYPSO ceiling lamp. The lamps of an effected batch are recalled from the market after consumer complaints about the falling shade.

Even though the probability that the shade will fall are low, in order to safeguard customers and avoid any incidents, the ceiling lamps CALYPSO of the effected batch are recalled also in Lithuania. All customers, who have bought these lamps in IKEA, are urged to check the batch number and bring the lamp for a refund or replacement, if the current one is marked by the number from 1625 to 1744. The lamps can be returned to IKEA store in Vilnius or pick up points in Kaunas and Klaipėda. IKEA does not require any proof of purchase.

IKEA takes product safety very seriously. The products are tested and comply with applicable standards and legislation. In this case, after the consumer complaints, in order to safeguard customers and avoid further incidents IKEA is recalling the effected batch products. The safety of customers is a top priority for IKEA, which is why the company chooses to recall the affected batch as a precautionary measure. Instructions on how to safely dismantle and what to look for, please look below.

Instructions on how to safely dismantle and what to look for, please look below.
Carefully pull out the movable arm.
Remove the lamp shade while you continue to hold the movable arm pulled out.
Check if the lamp bears a number from 1625 to 1744.