Children know how to make everything a fun game. Even the time spent waiting for their parents to do the shopping. On the other hand, we believe that everyone has a right to play, no matter the age. This is why we invite you to take part in a game that's not just for the little ones! 

Where? Småland children's play area (Vikingu st. 1, Vilnius).
When? From 25 September 2023 to 22 March 2024.

How to participate:

Bring your kids to the Småland play area on weekdays, receive a sticker for each visit and collect four to choose a gift.

The game is open to IKEA Family club members only.

Curious about what are the gifts?

  • MÅLA felt-tip pens, 24 pack (704.565.91)
  • DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset (204.999.89)
  • TITTA DJUR finger puppets, 10 pack (101.592.78)
  • LILLABO 3-piece train set (603.200.94)
  • LILLABO toy figures, 5 pack (602.426.14)
  • GULLIGAST squeaky soft toy (704.842.59)
  • GOSIG RÅTTA soft toy (904.904.76)
  • KRAMIG soft toy (302.213.16)
The deadline for collecting gifts is 22 April 2024.

A magical forest full of play and fun

Småland is a free, supervised play area for the kids to jump, climb, run, bounce and have fun, while their parents get to shop in peace. There is also a silent and calm forest where they can watch a movie or just rest under enormous birch trees. Whatever their choice, it is a big adventure for the many small people!

Working hours: 
I-VII 10:00-21:00

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soft toy, white/black



finger puppet, mixed colours

5,49 / 10 pack


3-piece tea playset, mixed colours


Regular price 6,99


squeaky soft toy, grey/red



felt-tip pen, mixed colours

4,99 / 24 pack