Whatever business you run, we can be your one-stop source for all the furniture, accessories and inspiration you need to take it to a higher level. Have a look at the latest projects implemented by our interior designers and get inspired!

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Long-term rentals: similar but not the same

Every day, our business interior designers face exciting challenges and even more exciting customers. One of them is real estate developers called Auros Turtas, who approached us with a request to furnish four long-term rentals in the city centre of Vilnius. All the apartments are furnished in a modern Scandinavian style, and this is the first one of them.
The second apartment is half the size of the first one. It’s two rooms, where we mostly focused on storage and multifunctional solutions. The interior style was inspired by the view outside the window: to invite the nature inside, the accent colour is green.

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The third apartment also has two rooms. Just like the first one, it features details in blue, including rugs, curtains and cushions that add cosiness. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all in one space, leaving a quiet and private bedroom for sleep.
Another four-room apartment is located at the very top of the building, under a sloping ceiling. To make the space feel bigger, it is furnished with light-coloured furniture that seems to disappear against the white walls, and additional lighting.

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A stylish stay in the Old Town

How to furnish a cosy and comfortable home suitable for both vacation and workation? Here they are - two short-term rental apartments in Vilnius Old Town, where everything blends perfectly in, from authentic details to functional furniture.

Studio apartments in Kaunas

An office, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom - and everything in one room! This is a short portfolio of two compact and cosy apartments in Kaunas furnished in a modern Scandinavian style by our business designers.
Both apartments in Kaunas are furnished according to the same concept, combining neutral colours and natural materials with bold accents. Although they are quite small in size, there's all one might need for a comfortable everyday.

A multipurpose summer house

Do you rent a house in the countryside and want to provide a pleasant experience for your guests? This cosy house with sauna is a perfect example of how to adjust a small space for family celebrations, overnight stays and relaxing holidays in nature.

So many reasons to visit again

When you run a small hotel or guesthouse, there are many things that can make your business successful, from fluffy pillows and tidy rooms to delicious meals and sufficient storage space to unload suitcases. We have solutions that will help you make a good impression and make your customers feel welcome - not just during their first stay, but many times afterwards.

Create an appetite for more

It's true that you first eat with your eyes – a meal experience starts the moment your guests walk in the door. Bringing the charm of bright birch wood to your place, RÖNNINGE bar tables, stools and chairs are made of solid wood and hardwood veneer with natural colour shifts. Together with white TOMMARYD tables, they create a relaxed ambience that will turn occasional customers into regular guests.

Nothing but natural

Welcome to the cosmetics shop where everything is natural, from the products sold to colour and material combinations in the interior. ASKERSUND fronts replicating the pattern of natural ash fit perfectly with SÖDÅKRA pendant lamps made of birch veneer and OSTBIT trays made of long-lasting and durable bamboo.

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Less cost, more comfort

Have a flexible and affordable office space – wherever you work. With our TROTTEN system, you can create a comfortable and ergonomic work area both at home and in your office, no matter the size of your place.

The system features flexible desks, storage units, room dividers, and noticeboards. All with a 10-year guarantee, so you can be sure to have a high-quality workspace that will easily adapt to your office’s changing needs.

Work-life balance starts in the office

Welcome your co-workers in the office that is ready for both hours of productive work and moments to relax together. Eager to creating a space that feels like home for your employees? We have everything you could possibly need on the way, from inspiration to tailor-made solutions.

We do it as if it were our own

Every time we work with business clients, we strive to maintain the highest quality of service. Even when our client is ourselves.
the latest office requirements. Have a look around the new IKEA office in Vilnius furnished according to the latest trends and requirements. Looks like home rather than office? This was made on purpose, as people now expect aesthetics and comfort not only from their homes but also from their working environment.

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You can do it all yourself – but you don’t have to

From planning to delivery to installation, we’re here to make this as easy as possible for you.

If you need assistance, want to order services or to consult, simply ask! We are ready and waiting to help.

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desk, 118x45 cm, ash veneer

179 €


tray table, 45x53 cm, white


More options available


cabinet, 35x35x35 cm, white

20 €

More options available


nest of tables, set of 2, white


More options available


floor lamp, marble/grey

279 €


cover panel, 62x240 cm, grey-green

59 €

More options available


rug, low pile, 170x240 cm, handmade multicolour/red

319 €

More options available


pendant lamp, black


More options available


wall lamp, wired-in installation, black



3-seat sofa with chaise longue, Kilanda light beige

589 €

More options available


rug, low pile, 170x230 cm, blue

99 €

More options available


coffee table, 70 cm, birch veneer



armchair, rattan/Djupvik white

179 €


vase, 26 cm, patterned/brown


More options available


rug, flatwoven, 170x240 cm, handmade dark green

329 €


door, 40x60 cm, high-gloss dark red-brown

22 €

More options available


cabinet, 35x35x35 cm, white stained oak effect

20 €

More options available


upholstered bed frame, 160x200 cm, Kabusa light grey

269 €

More options available


desk, 90x54 cm, light beige

199 €

More options available


3-seat sofa, with chaise longue/Gunnared dark grey/wood

709 €

More options available


3-seat sofa, Gunnared light green/wood

429 €

More options available


pendant lamp, black/nickel-plated rectangle



3-seat sofa-bed, Hallarp beige

998 €

More options available


3-seat sofa, Vissle dark green

359 €

More options available


corner sofa, 4-seat, light beige

1 080 €

More options available


wing chair, Vibberbo black/beige

239 €

More options available