Create your own styling zone with everything you need within easy reach. A dressing table makes it possible – just add a mirror, a matching footstool and you‘re all set.

Mirrors | Footstools

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dressing table with mirror, 100x50 cm, white

249 €


dressing table, 120x41 cm, white



dressing table, 70x42 cm, white



dressing table, 76x47 cm, bamboo

129 €


dressing table, 100x48 cm, white

149 €


desk, 90x54 cm, dark blue-green

199 €

More options available


desk, 90x54 cm, light beige

199 €

More options available

Dressing tables Ideas and inspiration

Behind every mess is a new posibility
Behind every mess is a new posibility

Life is messy, and we love it. Because there’s something deeply human about mess. People misplace things and “forget” to do the dishes. It’s almost as natural as us being good at helping you sort out your things and create a better, more harmonious home.

Hej, Siauliai!
Hej, Siauliai!

Visit IKEA right where you live: a new planning and order point is already open for customers.

Upside-down house in Anyksciai
Upside-down house in Anyksciai

We believe that everyone deserves to live a better life at home. This is why we have solutions for all kinds of homes: small ones and large ones, the ones you rent and the ones you own, regular ones and the ones that are flipped upside down. Visit a house that our interior designer Anastasija Rogačevska has furnished for A Little Different Town in Anyksciai and you'll soon see that all homes can be cosy and comfortable. Even those with a roof upside down and a floor over your head.