IKEA Restaurant

What’s for lunch today?
Relax from shopping for awhile and bring your family for a tasty meal at the IKEA restaurant. Try Swedish kitchen or pick a meal of the day. Not so hungry? Then enjoy a dessert – a delicious pastry with coffee or soft drink. We offer a special children’s menu and also everything you need for a comfortable lunch time, like highchairs for your kids. Don’t forget to bring our little shoppers to play at our play area! 

Restaurant opening hours:

I–V 9.30–20.30
VI–VII 9.30–20.30

Special offers

Hooray, have a lunch with us today! 
Breakfast set - croissant, cheese, ham and egg

Served with tomatoe, margarine, mayonnaise and a coffee 09:30-11:00 everyday

1 €

Hooray, have a lunch with us today! 
Turkey nuggets with garnish + soup of the day

Turkey nuggets, mashed potatoes, radish-lingonberry sauce

2 €

Hooray, have a lunch with us today! 
Potato pancakes with salmon + soft drink

Potato pancakes, salmon, sour cream

3 €

Chicken nuggets for friends

Chicken nuggets with fries and soft drinks

5,99 €

Hot breakfast set

4 chicken meatballs; omelette with potatoes,
tomatoes and honey fungus, a coffee or tea

2 €



Duck leg
Roasted duck leg with mashed potatoes, pear and lingonberry jam.

5,49 €

IKEA FAMILY price from Monday to Friday

4,89 €

Coffee / tea

0,99 €   

IKEA FAMILY price from Monday to Friday

0,00 €

Salad and starters

Glory to salads! The light, crispy and colourful ones, including cheese, poultry or seafood and always reminding us that when it comes to fast yet healthy food, all roads lead to IKEA.
Vegetable salad

Mixed vegetables, tomatoes, cucumber and
red onion

0,99 €

Feta salad

Fresh vegetables with feta cheese
and olives

1,99 €

Chicken Caesar salad

Fresh vegetables with grilled chicken fillet
and cheese

2,59 €

Shrimp sandwich

Wheat bread with lettuce leaves, tomatoes, eggs
and shrimp

2,69 €

Fried salmon salad

Steamed salmon with
fresh vegetables

2,89 €

Mozzarella and tomatoes salad

Mozzarella cheese with fresh tomatoes and
herb sauce

2,69 €


Soup of the day

Kasdien vis kita

0,69 €

From Monday to Friday
Chef's soup

Different everyday

from 1,39 €

Saturday - Sunday 9.30 - 20.30
Cold beet soup

Buttermilk, red beet, cucumber, dill, spring onion

0,99 €

Main course

When you are full of impressions about IKEA store, don‘t forget to fill your stomach, too. Here at IKEA Restaurant, we have lots of hot and delicious offers for a whole family: from kids who are never hungry to all voracious fans of Swedish (m)eatballs. Enjoy!

09:30-11:00 everyday

1,29 €

Kid's meal

4 pancakes with strawberry jam, sour cream
and juice

1,69 €

Kid's meal

5 pork and beef meatballs with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, cream sauce and green peas, a drink

1,69 €

Swedish meatballs

5 Pork and beef meatballs with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, cream sauce
10 meatballs:

2,99 €

+5 meatballs 1 €
Swedish chicken meatballs

Chicken meatballs with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and cream sauce
10 meatballs:

2,99 €

+5 meatballs 1 €
Swedish veggie balls

Vegetable balls, grilled vegetables and curry sauce
10 meatballs:

2,69 €

+5 meatballs 1 €
Salmon fillet with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes

Salmon fillet with mashed potatoes, cabbage and fennel mix and black seaweed pearls

5,29 €

Special offer

Enjoy a different delicious meal everyday


Shank with cabbage stew and mashed potatoes

4,99 €

Dessert and beverages

Sometimes everything you need is something tasty. Like a cinnamon bun or fluffy muffins, or a freshly baked apple pie, or just a cup of coffee. It’s time for “fika”, don’t you think? Let’s take a sweet-tooth break at IKEA restaurant.
Curd mousse with lingonberry jam

With lingonberries and almonds

1,49 €

Curd cake with berries

Curd crumble cake with blueberries and raspberries

1,79 €

Apple pie

Apple pie with cream sauce

1,79 €

Cinnamon bun

Cinnamon puff-pastry bun with sprinkles

0,50 €

Fruit smoothie

Fruit blueberry/raspberry or apple/strawberry smoothie

0,89 €

Soft drinks

Pear, raspberry, lemon, and lingonberry drink, coke

0,89 €


Free refill

0,99 €   

IKEA FAMILY price from Monday to Friday

0,00 €

*Ask the restaurant staff about dish allergen content.
**Ask the restaurant staff about the nutrition value.
***Serving may be different from the picture.