A well-organised hallway in no time

Even if your hallway is on the small side, it can still make a grand entrance. Here are some tips and ideas to help you keep things accessible, easily organised and flowing beautifully.

Seat and storage combo

Pouffes and benches with storage inside are easy to reach for everyone in the family and perfect for all those things you want close at hand but out of sight. Also, it’s always helpful for kids to have somewhere to sit when they tie their shoes.

Hang-it-all storage wall

You can fit more than you think into a limited space with a wall-mounted storage system. 
  • BOAXEL mesh baskets on brackets allow air to circulate and are great for storing folded clothes, shawls or hats.
  • A few rows of TOLKNING hanging baskets are also a smart add-on for convenient small storage.
  • Rails with hooks put your walls to good use and give you flexible storage for keeping any clothes or accessories handy.

Freeing up the floor

Shoes have a way of taking over the hallway without you even noticing. But not to worry, here are some ways to fight the hallway clutter of footwear.
  • TRONES shoe cabinets with all the shoes hidden away inside are hard to beat if it’s a calm, almost minimalistic look you’re after. They can swallow loads of shoes to give you a tidy hallway – without taking much floor space.
  • GREJIG shoe racks are just as practical for everyday shoes in the hallway as for fancy shoes in the wardrobe. And since they are foldable, you can have some extra racks in the closet to unfold and stack when you have guests.
  • MURVEL shoe organisers help to fit twice as many shoes in the same space, since you can store them vertically – and with both shoes in the same place, you can forget about losing the left or right one.

Smart bedroom storage in unused spaces

There are many ways to put unused and perhaps unusual spaces to smart use. You just need to be a little creative to find them and turn them into clever stowaways. Here are some ideas to give your bedroom extra storage.

Many pieces to choose from

If you prefer more obvious storage solutions, a chest of drawers is always a good one. Our RAST chest of drawers is made of untreated solid wood, which means you can oil, wax, lacquer, or stain it in any colour you like.

However, for those who like hiding their stuff in unsual spaces, we have many benches and footstools with built-in storage. They come in different shapes and materials, so it’s easy finding one that looks good at the foot of your bed and matches the style of your room.

The under-bed classic

Using the space under your bed for storage is the oldest trick in the book. The only question is how to make the most of it. A pro tip is to use lightweight storage cases and not pack them too heavily. That way they’re easy to move around.

Leaving a useful storage gap

A shelf behind the head of the bed makes a great full-width nightstand with plenty of space for reading lamps, books and other things you want easy access to. Below it, you get convenient storage space for a row of boxes and baskets.

Naturally beautiful and wonderfully practical

The SNIDAD basket, with its fine details and beautiful shape, is braided by hand. A genuine craftsmanship which suits for anything from blankets to towels to bed linens.

Seasonal news

New season calls for new colours? Explore our newest arrivals and get your home ready for spring!

New ways of organising your home

Our seasonal news include plenty of boxes, bags, organisers, shelves, cabinets, storage combinations, and other solutions to help you get organised.
We all have things that we love keeping on display by putting in open top shelves. And we all have stuff that we don’t want to throw away, nor to show to anybody, too. Keep your home organised in a way you like. With our open and closed storage solutions each and every thing at our home will be in order.

Show off or hide away with BILLY

BILLY bookcases are just perfect for hiding the things you don’t need for now and showcasing the ones you are proud of.  They‘re built with a stackable design that allows you to attach new units whenever you need additional storage, just decide on what height suits your space best. 

Every model in the BILLY series also features adjustable shelves so you can fit anything from books to trophies, or everything in between. And the new drawer turns the lower part of the bookcase into a closed storage space with room for board games, yoga mats and other items you sometimes like hidden away.

Organisers against clutter

There are few storage challenges that can’t be solved with the right basket or box. We have a range of styles, materials and different sizes for different items. Like all those small or messy things that you need but don’t want to see.

Make room for sleep and storage

Our MALM bedroom series offers bed frames with underbed storage, bedside tables and chests of drawers. All pieces are designed to work together so you can furnish your entire bedroom in the same style. Choose between several sizes, veneers, and classic colours to create your own solution.

Double-duty solution

PERJOHAN bench serves a purpose even when it’s not being sat on, as there‘s space underneath for storage. Made of sustainably sourced untreated wood that looks beautiful as it is, but can also be personalised with a coat or two of paint in your favourite colour.

There’s no such thing as too many boxes

PANSARTAX boxes make it easy to create a secret hideaway while still keeping track of your things. These offer a good size for everything from clothes and textiles to media gadgets and work accessories. And since the material is not completely transparent, you can organise your things without anyone else being able to see exactly what’s inside.

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hanger, natural

6,99 / 8 pack

More options available


bed storage box for high bed frame, 200 cm, white

65 € / 2 pack

More options available


bed frame, high, 160x200 cm, white

139 €

More options available


bookcase, 80x28x106 cm, white

39 €

More options available


shelving unit, 42x147 cm, white


More options available


box, 39x28x14 cm/11 l, transparent


More options available


chest of 3 drawers, 62x70 cm, pine



trolley, 35x45x78 cm, white


More options available


box with lid, 26x35x15 cm, white


More options available


storage case, 71x51x18 cm, white/grey


More options available


basket, 54x39 cm, rattan



chest of 3 drawers, 80x78 cm, white


More options available


storage with compartments, turquoise



laundry bag, 100 l, beige



storage box with lid, 33x33x16.5 cm, transparent grey-blue


More options available


storage box with lid, 25x35x15 cm, grey-green


More options available


bottle with stopper, 0.5 l, clear glass/patterned light yellow



open shelving unit, 70x34x86 cm, aspen/white


More options available


vertical hook rack, 78 cm, birch



box, 32x35x33 cm, bamboo/brown


More options available


plant pot, 13 cm, grey/handmade


More options available


wall storage, 93x21x30 cm, light white stained pine/dark grey

76 €

More options available


box set of 2



floor lamp with WiFi speaker, bamboo/smart

239 €


cushion cover, 50x50 cm, light pink/green



box, 33x38x33 cm, patterned green/beige


More options available


wall shelf, 120x30 cm, white/aspen


More options available


bench with storage, 100 cm, pine

49 €


room divider, 150x170 cm, handmade rattan

149 €


mesh storage box, 42x30x10 cm, dark grey

7 €

More options available


pendant lamp shade, 45 cm, white/black handmade



shoe cabinet with 4 compartments, 96x17x90 cm, white

119 €


table lamp, 41 cm, white/light green glass/gold effect metal



cushion cover, 50x50 cm, dark yellow/pale blue



open shelving unit, 60x40x40 cm, white

35 €

More options available


armchair, Kelinge grey-turquoise

199 €

More options available


wall storage, 8x38x32 cm, green/wood



bath towel, 70x140 cm, grey/green



rail, 60 cm, birch

5 €

More options available


LED floor lamp, smart black

99 €