Lithuanian performer Natalija Bunkė has recently experienced some great changes in life. A famous woman has moved to a new house and now is inviting you to the unique terrace, which interior had been entrusted to IKEA interior designers. According to N. Bunkė, her friends were astonished not only at the size of her terrace, but also at the interior solutions.
Enough space for everything
The style of a well-known woman's terrace was determined by the modern classical interior inside her house. And by her lifestyle, too. On a terrace of almost 30 square meters, there is enough space for both work and leisure.
...and everyone
Natalija spends a lot of time on the terrace and likes to invite friends to barbecue evenings. Therefore, interior designers had to create enough comfortable places to sit. Now, Natalija's guests can decide their sitting style themselves:  whether it is reclining on a comfortable ÄPPLARÖ modular sofa with HÅLLÖ cushions, or sitting in a lotus position on ALSEDA stools made of banana leaves.
This is my heaven on earth
A hanging egg chair took the centre stage of the leisure zone. That was a request of N. Bunkė herself: "I wanted to have my own heaven on earth where I could separate from the world and spend time working, reading or communicating. This "egg" is the only thing on the terrace from my previous home, it brings me memories".
From limitations to benefits
As the IKEA interior designer Eimantė Nemanė highlights, the limitations of the space can always be turned into benefits. One of the biggest challenges refurnishing this terrace was the column in the middle of it. In the end it served as a barrier between the two areas: one dedicated for leisure and other for working.
Space saving solutions
To make most of the terrace space, Eimantė has chosen practical, multi-functional furniture, such as ÄPPLARÖ wall panels with shelves and hooks, which can be used to hook up various garden and plant care supplies, and wooden storage benches for cushions or other outdoor textiles.
For more enlightened life
Even though the summer days are long, it is still worth thinking about proper lighting. Since N. Bunkė's terrace lacks power sockets, the interior designer found other solutions, such as SOLVINDEN solar-powered pendant lamps. Light furniture and interior accessories (including RÅSKOG trolley in white) compensated the dark colour of walls and wooden floors. And to protect the terrace against rays of a setting sun, Eimantė has planned curtains along its entire perimeter.
For both work and hobbies
In her spare time, Natalija creates occasional flower bouquets, so it was important to find a place where she could do that. The ÄPPLARÖ gateleg table allows to adjust its size according to needs and the folding chairs doesn't take too much space when not in use.

"In the summer, everyone wants to spend as much time outdoors as possible, so my cosy,
semi-open terrace sure is a thing that my friends can envy for."

Natalija Bunkė

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