Birthdays, baby showers, weddings and anniversaries... Oh, how we miss all those celebrations with a long list of guests! Unfortunately, such big events are not available yet. But who said you are not allowed to celebrate at all? Spring is just perfect for cosy gatherings and small family celebrations. This is why INBJUDEN – the new collection in elegant timeless design – is here to help you create some unforgettable moments.
The magic begins, and you're invited

In the INBJUDEN collection, you’ll find what you need for spring’s celebrations with people you love. There are glasses, small plates and serving dishes in all possible shapes for mingling. Perfect for sit-down dinners or buffet-style dining and enjoying everything from mouth-watering appetisers to a selection of delicious desserts.
A feast for the eyes

The collection’s selection of tiered and covered serving stands makes it easy to display and serve appetisers, pastries and other confections. Why not group them together and dazzle your guests with an irresistible feast for the eyes...and mouth?
It’s in the details

Small details can make a lasting impression. With the Instagram-friendly INBJUDEN tablecloths, napkins and candle holders, you can really make your festive dinner table shine. Just add some vases, flowers and garlands to frame everything beautifully and... Voilà!
Raising glasses for elegance. And comfort!

When it’s time to toast, fill INBJUDEN champagne glasses with a sparkling and refreshing drink. Decorated with a spray of charming dots, these glasses are ideal for any special occasion. Yet the elegant touch is not all you’ll find in this festive collection. There are even soft cushions and a chair pad for your extra seating!
Decorate and celebrate

When it comes to organising that special event at your home, the task might seem a bit challenging. But you can really make it smooth with INBJUDEN serveware and decorations. All festive table setting items come in timeless materials, colours and patterns that you can mix just as you like – and use again and again.


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20x Ø15 cm white


Regular price 8,99


side plate

Ø21 cm

3,99 / 4 pack



45x45 cm pink-white

1,99 / 2 pack