When everyone’s at home, it can be hard to work or read in peace. Room dividers, storage on castors, and laptop stands help you create different zones for work, study, and hanging out.

Choose your workspot

You can carve out a workspace you'll feel good working at practically anywhere in your home, even if it is inside your wardrobe. All you need is a proper desk, a comfy chair, some storage and a lamp.

Screen off a chill out zone

Whether you want to read a book, or binge watch a TV series, a room divider helps you add privacy and create separation. Dividers can also help you dial down visual and acoustic distractions, so that you can focus on the next chapter or cliff hanger.

Create a study-from-the-sofa zone

Movable, multi-functional furniture make great study buddies. Add a laptop stand and storage unit with castors to your sofa, and you’re all set for homework.

Think inside the box

Keep your work essentials together. And have a place to pack them up and hide them away, ready for the next day.

Turn your dining table into a desk

Easy to fold up and simple to move, ÖVNING desk divider helps you to enjoy some privacy. You can get into concentration mode. Screen off visual distractions. And dampen sound – the ÖVNING desk divider is made from sound-absorbing material.

Enjoy your privacy

Mounted to your desk or cabinet, the TROTTEN noticeboard acts as a divider. Even more, it gives you space to put up or write down the things you need to remember as there is a pin board on one side and whiteboard on the other.