If upgrading the bathroom is your resolution for this year, IKEA can help you implement it without spending much money or time. Start from small alterations, such as EKOLN bathroom accessories or a new bright-coloured bath towel.
Space-saving furniture
Make the smallest room in your home bigger and more organised – invest in flexible furniture and storage solutions for bathrooms. The GUTVIKEN/LILLÅNGEN/VISKAN washbasin cabinet is here to hide plumbing and hold all your household chemicals (or other stuff you don't want to display). And the shallow yet roomy DYNAN shelf unit with towel rail provides two functions in one furniture – open shelves for storing clean hand towels and a towel rail for the ones that you are using.
Bathroom textiles
The turquoise VÅGSJÖN bath sheets and terry towels are not only soft and absorbent. They also are very decorative and go well with the VOXSJÖN bath mats. The towels come in different sizes and are made of fine fibres of combed cotton, which makes them fluffy and durable. In case turquoise is not your favourite colour or you need different towels for all the family members, the VÅGSJÖN series has plenty of colours to choose from.
Give laundry a helping hand
Use a nook in the bathroom to create a dedicated laundry station, even when space is limited. This room is divided into two areas: a bathroom area with LILLÅNGEN bathroom furniture in white and a small yet functional laundry station behind the almost invisible door. The laundry station has all it takes: a washing machine, a flexi TORKIS laundry basket, shelves and storage boxes for household utensils and a SKÅDIS pegboard for other small accessories. And don't forget: adding a rail to dry clothes on hangers saves space and saves time on ironing, too!
Small on space, big on character
Living small doesn't mean your bathroom cannot be cosy, stylish and functional. A small area can easily contain all it takes to live comfortable: a bathroom furniture for the most necessary things (like LILLÅNGEN wall cabinets or washbasin cabinets), a shower area separated with shower curtains, and some bold accents, like colourful towels, indoor plants or patterned bathroom tiles, to make life more interesting.
As bold as neat
Name three things you would miss in a comfortable bathroom. For us, that would be a large mirror, the LILLÅNGEN washbasin cabinet with doors and the ENUDDEN towel rack that holds all your towels closer at hand. And if you want to make the perfectly neat bathroom even more perfect, try to add some colours. Our colourful bath towels, soap dispensers and shower curtains are always ready to help.


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33x Ø17 cm



bath mat

50x80 cm grey-white




24x17x10.5 cm white


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bath towel

70x140 cm dark grey


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flexi laundry basket, in-/outdoor

58x38x28 cm blue


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scented candle in glass

7.5 cm green


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soap dish

8.4x13 cm

Old Price 3,49


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4-piece bathroom set