From soft toys to furniture that grows together with your child, we always like to take the child's perspective. For many years, we have developed thoroughly tested products that stimulate children's play, movement, and creativity, which all leads to one result - a safe, cheerful and inspiring children's room!
Play turns us into human beings
Children meet the world in their early babyhood. Play helps your baby to develop their senses, to get orientated, to try to understand their surroundings and to become a person. That's why we gave the KLAPPA toys collection different colours, shapes, structures and sounds that stimulate this journey of discovery. It's a world of animals, plants and planets, including this giraffe-rattle. It is easy to hold for small baby hands and ready to be shaken, bitten, chewed on or machine washed.
For the sweetest of dreams
Your new-born baby will spend many hours sleeping in its cot, so make sure it'll always feel cocooned and protected. When we developed SOLGUL cradle, we were inspired by older cradles – and in terms of safety, we followed the latest and toughest requirements. The size and height of the cradle allow you to have it close to your own bed and easily stretch out an arm if your child wakes up during the night. So you can sleep like a baby, too.
Gentle as the mother's embrace
What the baby needs to feel safe at home? Most of all it is a warm embrace of his parents. Yet the SOLGUL soft woven blanket also feels nice against the skin. Made from sustainably grown cotton, it gets softer with every wash and is perfect to put over your baby when it's time for a short nap. The blanket contains no substances, phthalates or chemicals that can harm your baby's skin or health. A safe choice for your child – and for the environment.
Make room for storage and play
When the child grows older, his room can be furnished respectively. The STUVA storage systems are at the right height for kids. So they find it easier to get dressed or get at their toys. The open shelves are perfect for displaying favourite toys, a child's latest creations or to store books. But only having open shelves can get a bit cluttered – and dusty. That's why we've added some drawers to make sure there's space for everything. Besides, as there are lots of options for size, door colour and interior fittings, the modular system is easy to adapt to changing needs without buying new furniture.
Growing kids need growing furniture
Invest in furniture that will serve you for many years to come. Our BUSUNGE children's room furniture offers playful design in strong materials with durable surfaces and soft rounded corners. The extendable bet grows with your child, and the wardrobe is deep enough to hold standard-sized adult hangers (as well as the masters of hide and seek). You can also adjust the height of the clothes rail and shelves as your child grows.
High five!
With this LUSTIGT soft hand, you can dish out many big "high-fives". To put the hand on, just push your arm into the cushion's large pocket and play tag, shadow theatre or whatever you want. Got tired? Place the cushion under your head. With the LUSTIGT collection, we want to inspire more play and make it easier for children and adults to enjoy moments in everyday life. And when there is no mood for playing, the IKEA PS LÖMSK armchair is a perfect secret hiding-place.
Furniture for a first-former
Preparing the first-formers for school also means preparing their rooms. If you have no idea what to start with, we can suggest the following: the PÅHL desk with three different heights, the SLÄKT bed frame with enough room for storage boxes, foldable mattress or an underbed underneath, and the new roomier STUVA wardrobe that can be used for many years since it is deep enough to hold adult-sized hangers and has an interior you can move as your child grows.


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extendable bed, 80x200 cm, white

199 €


bed frame with slatted bed base, 70x160 cm, beech



wardrobe, 80x139 cm, white

129 €


bed canopy, green



blanket, 70x90 cm, dark yellow



cushion, 80 cm



rattle, multicolour/yellow



bed pocket, 75x27 cm, blue



spinning wheel-game