We invite people to take new opportunities. Make some mistakes and learn from them. And even change paths to do something they’ve never done before. Here at IKEA, you are encouraged to grow, try different roles, move between functions and always be curious about what the next day will bring. 
Find the path of your own
You can design your own career path according to your future goals. Along the way, you’ll get the support you need to develop personally and professionally, and all the possibilities of vertical and horizontal growth. It means you can grow in your current role, taking on new responsibilities, or build your skills and move into new work areas, different departments or into another IKEA company entirely.
How far can you go?
You decide. You can create your own unique IKEA journey in whatever direction you choose to go. Just pick your path, build your skills and go where your increasing competence and curiosity lead you. At IKEA, you’re encouraged to keep learning and growing, so when a new position opens that you’re interested in and have prepared for, you’ll be ready. We love to promote from within!
So many areas to choose from
•    Design & Communication 
•    Finance 
•    Safety & Property Maintenance 
•    Meeting Customers 
•    People & Support 
•    Logistics & Supply chain 
•    Steering & Leadership 
•    Tech & Innovation