At IKEA, we celebrate the richness of diversity and want to create a workplace where every co-worker feels valued for their uniqueness, recognised for their talents, and can be themselves. From the warehouse to the store, from the kitchen to the truck. You’re welcome and you can feel it.
Being ourselves
IKEA is a place where you can be you. And this isn’t just common courtesy, it’s common sense. We recruit and welcome a wide diversity of people, because a great mix of minds, talents and unique personalities not only makes us stronger, wiser and better, it’s also the best reflection of our customers worldwide. We come with different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, and we are proud of it.
Learning from each other
Putting our very different heads together is the best way we’ve found to tackle challenges, solve problems and meet our goals. When you feel free to be yourself – and everyone you work with does too – we come up with better ideas and solutions together than we ever could alone. Every day, we learn from each other, try something new and ask not only ‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’ but also ‘What if?’
Equality works better
IKEA co-workers can always speak up and be heard, because ideas are welcome from everyone. We respect each other regardless of position, age, gender or background, and provide all people with equal opportunities to learn, grow and lead one day.