IKEA co-workers are committed to helping customers live a better everyday life at home. They do this all over the world, in hundreds of different roles. In return, we give them a great place to work.
We are co-workers, not employees
Working together and keeping things simple is our favourite way to get the job done. That’s why we avoid bureaucracy and call each other co-workers, instead of unfamiliar employees. We share open offices and open mind. We’re on first-name terms with everyone else at IKEA and you are free to talk with any co-worker no matter your role or their title. 
It’s time for a Fika
Fika is is a slang of ‘kaffi,’ an old Swedish word for coffee. Besides being an important part of the Swedish culture, for us, having a coffee break is also a chance to pause, reflect and reconnect, as well as to get things done quickly and simply – without booking a conference room, drawing up an agenda or creating a slide presentation. Just grab a Fika and put your heads together to see what happens. You’d be surprised how much can be done over a simple cup of coffee!

Working with us has its rewards

Health benefits
Events and celebrations
Team building activities
Free Swedish design uniform
Great prices at co-worker restaurant
Gifts for special occasions
Trainings and development
Sustainable workplace

Every voice matters
We want to know how our co-workers feel about their jobs and IKEA as an employer. To learn more about that, we measure the office mood on daily basis and conduct a more detailed survey at least once a year, which supplements direct conversations and helps us to identify areas for improvement.